Liner Paper

These papers share some features such as: moisture resistance or natural resistance of fibers with surface papers. However, liner papers do not need to proper filters for printing or being coated with bleached fibers, in order to be whitened for printing, etc. Although the liner paper may be produced 100% through recycled fibers, they need to be in an allowable hygienic ranking, since; in some cases, they may cause and leave unpleasant smells, if in touch with food stuff.
In 5-7 layer papers, liner paper plays the role of the binding and bulking agent. Most of the domestic manufacturers use this type of paper in carton production. Liner paper is also produced in form of monolayer.
Liner paper is being made 100% out of recycled papers. This paper is known in market with some other names such as: brown paper, Iranian paper or pseudo Kraft paper. This paper may be selected in top or middle layer (according to its usage in sheet production). Generally, three types of papers are used in carton production. Testliner paper for external layer, fluting or corrugate paper for middle and the liner paper for internal layer.
Setareh Fars Manufacturing Company, is capable of producing papers with110-180 grammage.

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