Fluting Paper

Fluting or corrugate paper, is a kind of wavy-shaped paper sheets which is being used in packaging and carton production industry. Thanks to its high quality and resistance, it is protective against crush and fracture, therefore, it is a proper option in production of carton sheet. Due to their protective feature against breaking and/or crushing, […]

Testliner Paper

This paper which is used in external layer of carton, has some special features such as: less water absorption in upper layer than its lower layer. The upper layer absorbs less water, in order to be resistant against environmental moisture and optimizing its printability level. In compare, the lower layer absorbs more water, in order […]

Liner Paper

These papers share some features such as: moisture resistance or natural resistance of fibers with surface papers. However, liner papers do not need to proper filters for printing or being coated with bleached fibers, in order to be whitened for printing, etc. Although the liner paper may be produced 100% through recycled fibers, they need […]

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