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The building construction of Setareh Fars Paper Manufacturing, started in 2011 in a land by 6 acres and at the same time, purchasing the domestic and foreign machinery was considered among the priorities. Pulping machinery was purchased from Parason India, size press and soft calendar from China and other equipment from Sarmad Tehran. By establishing this company with aimed: utilizing national production capacities, helping to environmental protection and recycling wasted papers and cartons to domestic production and economy. The machinery of this manufacturing complex, have been designed, made and installed by Iranian craftsmen in priority. The duration of this project (Construction and Industrial) lasted within 2012-2014

Bidestan and Tirazis Kaqaz Pars Paper Manufacturing Factory

The most reliable manufacturing company in producing recycled paper used in packaging industries in domestic and foreign markets.

Alp and Shiraz Dena Stone Cutting Co

Alp stone cutting is producer of Dehbid

Beige stone in form of slab and with high quality and thickness for export. And Shiraz Dena stone cutting and manufacturing complex (the first and most modern stone cutting in Iran) one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Iran.

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